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Overview of Canton Thurgau

Thurgau is home to a wealth of exciting and promising businesses. A cosmopolitan canton with a good mix of industries and sectors, Thurgau is an attractive work location. The canton as a whole offers around 132,750 jobs in 20,528 workplaces.

A great many small and medium-sized enterprises form the backbone of Thurgau’s economy. The strongest sectors are metalworking and processing as well as mechanical engineering. Further important branches of industry are the traditionally flourishing food and drink sector, as well as electrical engineering and precision engineering. The administrative, business and research sectors work hand-in-hand to promote Thurgau as a strong centre of technology. Projects in the renewable energies sector enjoy particularly high priority.

Location of the Canton Thurgau

Canton of Thurgau – Key Data
Total cantonal area: 864 km2
Population: 272,780
- of whom foreign nationals: 66,655 (24.4%)
Capital: Frauenfeld (67,411 inhabitants)

Business Sector
Total no. of employed: 132,757
Employed in sector 1 (agriculture and forestry): 5.9%
Employed in sector 2 (industry, commerce, construction): 35.4%
Employed in sector 3 (services): 58.7%