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Welcome to Thurgau

Thinking of setting up your business in the Canton Thurgau? Congratulations, this is just the right location for you! Here, in the heart of Europe, surrounded by unspoilt nature and vibrant economic centres, is where the future of your personal success story could lie.

Turn your business vision into reality with the support of the Thurgau Business Development Office. We’ll be there to support you with advice and assistance, whether you are searching for the right property, dealing with admin (interpreting guidelines, obtaining permits), or getting in touch with the necessary agencies and authorities.

Or perhaps you have other questions? We’d be delighted to arrange a personal meeting to provide competent, bureaucracy-free clarification of the issues that concern you, at no cost. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Peter Koch

    Senior Project Manager

    Central +41 58 345 55 03
  • Lorena Sorba

    Project Manager

    Central +41 58 345 55 04

Logo SGBAUnder the label of St.GallenBodenseeArea the cantons St.Gallen, Thurgau and two Appenzell work together in collaboration. The economic region of St.GallenBodenseeArea is the third largest in Switzerland with a catchment area covering 2 million people. The organisation promotes the region internationally and provides relocation support.